Or, Mail To:

Desert Scale Classic c/o Dan Baker

6635 W. Happy Valley Road #104-228

Glendale, AZ 85310-2609

Make Checks Payable To:"Cactus Car Modelers"

E-mail: dsc-hq@cox.net

Please note the following disclaimers and general rules:

1) Each entry must be the sole work of the entrant.

2) Entries shall be placed in appropriate classes. 

3) Judges may move entries to more appropriate classes.  Decisions of judges are final.

4) Entries may be photographed or video recorded and images may be used by DESERT SCALE CLASSIC or Cactus Car Modelers Club for promotion or publication.

5) DESERT SCALE CLASSIC and Cactus Car Modelers Club are not responsible for loss or damage of entries.

If you have any questions or concerns ab out these stipulations, please feel free to contact us at dsc13@cox.net .

Contestant Registration

On-line Registration closes on Friday, April 17, 2020 at 5pm Mountain Time. Only Paper Registrations accepted

thereafter at the event.


Use this form to Register  IMMEDIATELY  for the Contest on-line or use the paper form below

Fees for entry are as as follows: $12 for the first 5 models; 

$15 for up to 8 models; $20 for up to 12 models; $24 for up to 16 models

$28 for up to 20 models. An Additional $1 for every model thereafter. 

Before Registering, please familiarize yourself with the contest rules and categories. Register your models in the most appropriate categories, being the categories you you believe your models best fit within in Step 1, then pay for your registration in Step 2. If you aren't sure about which category, please contact us for advice and help. Your Registration will be confirmed within 48 hours and you will receive Table Cards to fill out, allowing you to describe your model in detail. These are placed on the table with your model. 

​Please note that Judges or Contest Staff reserves the right to move your model to a more appropriate category or split categories if needed.

On Site Registration will be from 9:00 AM to Noon on the day of the Championship

< Click the Submit button to advance to the Payment Page. Your Registration will NOT be valid until payment has been made.